Below is a list of ingredients used in the different types of sheets we provide and the ink we use.

Contains no known allergens.

ALL colors used in printing your cake topper, are FDA-approved, food-grade food coloring.

Allergens: no added gluten, nuts, dairy, or eggs

Q:  Are the images easy to use?   A: Yes!  They come with full instructions and can be applied in minutes!

Q: Are the images suitable for allergies?     A: Yes!  Our images contain no added gluten, nuts, dairy, or egg.

Q: Will the image(s) keep?   A: Yes! Our edible images can be stored, sealed in their bag, in a cool, dry place, for up to 9 months!

Q: Will it be ok sent it by courier?    A: Yes!  Our images are protected between 2 sheets of card.

Q: What will my image look like?   A: you should remember that the images are created using food coloring and printed onto matt fondant sheets.  They will not be as bright as your computer/phone screen image.  However, we endeavor to make the images as colorful as possible, within the limitations of food coloring.


Starches E1422, E1412, Maltodextrin, Glycerin, Sugar, Water, Stabilizers (E414, E460i), Food Colour E171, Emulsifiers E491, E471, Flavors, Acidulants E330, Preservative E202, Sucralose

Our Icing Sheets:

  • High quality icing sheets will work with dry or wet surfaces, even ice cream
  • Smooth white finish which results in brilliant print finish
  • ‘Easy-Peel’ Meaning they are easy to remove from backing sheet
  • Gluten free, Kosher certified and nut free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


BLACK: Water, Glycerol E422, Colour: Brilliant Black BN E151 (2,5%),
Sunset yellow E110* (0,8%), Quinoine yellow E104* (0,6%), 1.2 Propandiol E1520

COLORS: Water, Glycerol E422, Colour: Tartrazine E102* (1,5%),
1.2 Propandiol E1520, acidifie: Citric acid E330 May contain colors: E151, E122, E104, E133, E110.